People of the Mediterranean have a wonderful relationship with wine. The sea breeze, the long summers and the love for a good glass of wine, accompanied by good friends, are all factors that helped this relationship grow through the course of time. People who prefer red wine will be glad to know that they have loads of benefits, explained by scientists. In the following lines we present to you nine of the most popular!

#1 It keeps you in shape

Those who know how to enjoy a glass of red wine will be happy to learn that it has a very special quality. It activates a gene that prevents the formation of new adipocytes. Red wine also promotes the body’s natural detoxification, which in turn helps you gradually eliminate body fat.

#2 It strengthens the brain

Red wine develops the memory and strengthens the brain. It actually boosts the production of good cholesterol (HDL), a substance that reduces inflammation in the arteries and prevents obstruction. Nevertheless, do not forget: Over consumption will obviously have the opposite effects.

#3 It heals gum infection

If you suffer from gum bleeding, red wine is the answer! Grapes contain specific compounds, that help in the fermentation of wine, to prevent the growth of streptococci and other bacteria associated with dental problems. Wine can also help prevent inflammation of the gums.

#4 It cleans the mouth

If you feel your mouth “dirty” after a dinner and you do not happen to have a toothbrush in handy, don’t worry. A glass of red wine can do all the work; it can reduce the taste of fats when eating fatty dishes and meat and leaves a clean feeling in your mouth.

#5 It strengthens the bones

We grew up believing that milk is beneficial to our bones. Well, apparently red wine is also beneficial! A survey published in 2011 in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that red wine can improve bone mineral density by reducing the chance of osteoporosis over the age of 50. And this is due to the polyphenols – a powerful type of antioxidant – contained in the grapes, and their “peel” in particular.

#6 It reduces cholesterol

Red wine is rich in polyphenols. One of these is the notorious resveratrol, a chemical element rich in antioxidants. It takes care of blood vessels in the body and prevents the formation of blood clots. At the same time it reduces LDL cholesterol and elevates the levels of HDL.

#7 Helps digestion

Red wine enhances the growth of good bacteria, maintaining bowel health and improving the digestion process. Other foods that have these benefits are garlic, honey and asparagus.

#8 Wine makes the heart happy!

According to the American Heart Association, a glass of red wine in the evening keeps the heart healthy. However, its consumption should always be kept sensible, in order to prevent atherosclerosis or accumulation of fat on the walls of the arteries which often cause thrombosis. These in turn will lead to heart attacks. The same research has shown that red wine, as opposed to any other type of alcohol, prevents coronary heart disease and strokes.

#9 Helps you relax

Sensible consumption of red wine can release endorphins allowing us to relax and enjoy the moment. So, enjoy your nights with a glass Playia Cuvée Spéciale of “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades.”.

*Drink responsibly: Never exceed the recommended alcohol consumption. Experts recommend a glass of wine per day. Over consumption leads to far-reaching adverse effects.