The newest white wine of our winery, Alba Dómina, has received the highest distinction, Grande Medaille d’Or, at the international wine competition Mondial Des Vins Extrêmes in Italy for 2022.

The Mondial Des Vins Extrêmes competition selects the best wines, while aiming to promote and support the production of wine in smaller areas that are distinguished by a special history with rich traditions.

Additionally, five more wines of the Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades were awarded, proving the quality of the Cypriot terroir as well as the oenological practices of our winery!

Alba Dómina | Grande Medaille d’Or (Grand Gold)
Geróklima | Medaille d’Or (Gold)
OÍKADE | Medaille d’Or (Gold)
Red Melody | Medaille d’Or (Gold)
Commandaria | Medaille d’Or (Gold)

Our power is the quality of our wine. Our strength lies in our vineyards.
Omodos is our homeland