Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades was awarded by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism for its contribution to the development and promotion of Cypriot Gastronomy by receiving the Taste Cyprus Delightful Journeys certification mark.

The Quality Label for promoting the Cypriot Gastronomy is the joint effort between the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and the private sector to highlight, promote and exploit the ‘’Cypriot Gastronomy’’ as an element of the cultural heritage of Cyprus.

It is aimed at shaping a new gastronomic consciousness and at the quality upgrade of the field of nutrition and the services related to gastronomy. It will act as a means of:
• Promotion of the nutritional heritage of Cyprus
• Connection of the agro-food sector with tourism and cultural heritage
• Promotion of local quality products and businesses
• Utilization of the rich oeno-gastronomic tradition of Cyprus
• Establishment of Cyprus into a destination of gastronomic experiences

The Quality Label aspires to be the link among the productive sectors of the Cypriot economy and, at the same time, the vehicle for the development of unique gastronomic experiences on the island.

For our winery, it is an honour to contribute to the rich culinary tradition of our island and we pledge to contribute even more to its preservation and development!