The greatest celebration of Hellenism and Orthodoxy finds the world in pandemic and under strict curfew measures. Let us patiently long for the next Easter to arrive, the return to our villages and tradition, as well as the heart-warming family get-together. We may be forced to spend Easter – the most intertwined with the traditional table feast – in our homes, but this doesn’t mean we should be deprived of the Greek wine!

The Easter table is – under normal circumstances – the culmination of a sacred period, especially for those who have been fasting. Don’t be deprived of it. Treat yourself and your beloved ones – those you get to be with – and choose the ideal wine to accompany your food. Wines come to flatter, balance or enhance the tastes of your Easter table. While, traditionally, wine suggestions that accompany the festive dishes range along red wine varieties, this year, besides the red ones, we include a rosé and three white wines in our proposals.

Even if we won’t go to the church in Resurrection evening, we can cook hearty Mayiritsa soup. The traditional version of Mayiritsa soup, which combines egg and lemon with offal, onions and plenty of dill, requires a wine of acidity and richness; sommeliers agree that we should ideally be looking for a lively Asyrtiko with high acidity. That’s why “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades” winery suggests combining this traditional soup with “Playia White Dry”, a secret blend based on Xinisteri, Malaga and Asyrtiko varieties. It can withstand meat and lemon and it flatters greens, what else could we possibly ask for?

If you wish to wholly experience the traditional Easter Sunday table, start by treating yourself to a wonderful aperitif. Try the semi-sweet “Thalero” wine; a blend of Xinisteri and Malaga that will sweeten even the most demanding palates. If you are a dry wine fan, serve a “Playia Rose”, which has delicate aromas of stone fruit, peach in particular, with notes of white flowers and sweets.

If you possess the space and equipment for roast lamb, the waiting time will seem much shorter if you have the traditional distillate of zivania, along with some meze appetizers. We strongly suggest “Oenou Yi” zivania, an excellent distillate with rich, characteristic taste and aroma. For the less hard-core, a cool and crisp white or rosé wine will do the job just as fine. “Pente Litharia”, is a delicate white wine with a velvety texture that exudes aromas of exotic and citrus fruit, with soft notes of white flowers. Rosé wine “Rodambelo” is equally exquisite, with a dynamic and complex body and rich aromatic expression of red fruit and rose petals.

Then we add the necessary red variety to the festive table. Skewered lamb will match perfectly with a red wine with a good level of acidity and tannins that will deal with the meat’s fat and protein. A special wine produced from the indigenous Maratheftiko variety, “Geroklima”, is considered to be the ideal lamb partner. Aged for three years, it presents a bouquet of powerful aromas reminiscent of black fruit and cherry, in combination with spicy notes of black pepper and flowers. It processes a balanced mouth and strong body with soft tannins. It is also harmoniously combined with various dishes, such as the traditional sheftalies and Cypriot cold cut meats.

In the occasion that lamb does not match your taste, or if you are a fan of international red varieties then there is only one choice: the youngest wine of “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades” collection; the red Cuvee Speciale “Playia”. It is the result of a marriage between three international varieties, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, which have matured in the special terroir of Omodos hillsides; an excellent wine to accompany grilled meats, mainly pork or veal. The Cabernet Sauvignon gives a robust structure that is balanced by the Merlot’s velvety round tannins, while the Shiraz makes sure to leave a ticklish pepper note aftertaste.

In conclusion, whether you choose a chocolate pie with ice cream, a seasonal fruit tart, an apple pie or dried fruit, “Commandaria” is their always faithful partner! A dessert wine, with an enchanting aging aroma reminiscent of dried fruit, honey and spices.