“Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades” winery proudly announces the conquest of the Gold Award of Quality & Taste 2020 in the “Wine Tourism Destination” category, granted by the Pan-Hellenic Quality and Taste Awards organisation Estiatoria.gr Golden Awards. The Gold Award is a milestone for any company that achieves to earn it, serving as quality guarantee as a Certificate-Award with permanent value over time.

The well-established “Estiatoria.gr Golden Awards” awards, dominating Greek territory, marks its fourth consecutive year having the seal of the most acclaimed media portal Estiatoria.gr (14 years of operation), under the umbrella of the Golden Awards (exclusive use- trademark).

The recognised Gold Award of Quality & Taste of Estiatoria.gr Golden Awards is a sign-certificate of excellence for its holder, with universal recognition and high status for the owner-company. The results and the selection of winners come from free public vote – thousands of votes nationwide – and the prize committee, which is made up of reputable chefs and tasters and has the final say, based on meritocratic criteria.

Estiatoria.gr is a strategic media partner of the Greek Taste Beyond Borders GTBB World Congress of Greek Gastronomy, organised annually under the auspices of the State Ministry, promoting Greek taste and gastronomy around the world with great success.

The award’s acquisition is a quality guarantee to an excellent gastronomic experience.