Although the pandemic isn’t over yet, and yet another bank holiday finds us in lockdown, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy Green Monday indoors (or outdoors in our gardens!). Prepare a variety of fasting dishes and serve them alongside the wines and spirits of Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades! Read on for our selection of recipes, which are perfect for the day.


Salads are, of course, the dish of the day. We recommend a salad with black eyed peas and Playia White Dry, a special blend based on the Xinisteri, Malaga and Assyrtiko varieties. Find the recipe here.

If you prefer grilled over raw vegetables, we suggest you try the colourful roasted vegetables summer salad with a light sauce of herbs that is a perfect fit for Rodambelo. Find the recipe here.

Taramosalata & shells

Green Monday’s most popular spread, white or pink taramosalata, makes a delicious pair with lagana, the day’s traditional bread with the oily and lemony flavour. Pente Litharia, with its elegant exotic aromas, is the wine to accompany these flavours, as well as any shells like mussels and clams.

Grilled mollusks

On the other hand, grilled mollusks dishes, such as octopus, cuttlefish or squid, seek denser and fuller wines, such as Premium Chardonnay and Xinisteri, that will cover the taste of charcoal with their full bodies and notes of barrel.

If you feel more creative, we suggest you try these dishes:

Braised octopus with white wine, honey, herbs and spices & Playia White Dry

Rich in flavour, this recipe can be served as a main course, next to baby potatoes, or be a part of a series of tapas. However you decide to enjoy this recipe, open a bottle of Playia White Dry by Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades to double the delight! Find the recipe here.

Flambé shrimps with Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades Zivania

An extremely summery dish that can accompany your friend gatherings, as part of a variety of – not only – seafood tapas. It easily transforms into a delicious main course, if you accompany it with rice or as a sauce over hearty pasta. Find the recipe here.

Stuffed calamari with olive oil and lemon sauce & Pente Litharia

A fasting recipe with lovely ingredients that bring the Mediterranean Sea right to your plate. It will better reward your taste buds combined with a glass of Pente Litharia from Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades winery. Find the recipe here.

Semolina halva and syrup sweets

To end the feast, try the timeless fasting desserts, semolina halva and syrup sweets, with their wonderful aromas of orange and cinnamon, that are the ultimate match for Thalero, the semi-sweet wine of Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades.

So, in the company of a few, good friends and family, start the fasting season with wines from Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades and enjoy the day off!