September 14th, the day of the Holy Cross, is one of the biggest celebrations of the Orthodox Church. On this day in the church of the Holy Cross in Omodos, a holy communion is distributed to the congregation, together with basil leaves. The vine growers of Omodos then sprinkle their vineyards with this sanctification, the “Exaltation”, as it is known, in order to be blessed and grow old, free from disease, safe from bad weather and fruiting abundance. The celebration in the middle of the harvest month, September, coincides with the harvest of the grapes and the blessing of the grapes by the priest of the village.

Built at the end of the village square, the Monastery of the Holy Cross stands proud, a trademark of the village and a protector of the hardworking inhabitants of Omodos. According to tradition, the monastery was founded before the arrival of St. Helen in Cyprus, in 327 AD, as it is said that the small church pre-existed the village, and Omodos was founded around it later on. Various Cyprus historians, such as Neophytos Rodinos, Archimandrite Kyprianos and others refer to St. Helen’s visit to Cyprus, during which she visited Omodos, where she donated a piece of the Holy Rope and the Holy Wood to the monastery.

On the day of the Holy Cross, the vineyards, now all full up with daily care, reciprocate the devotion of their cultivators with fruit – sometimes golden green and sometimes purple. Thus, in early autumn, Omodos’ vineyards generously provide their blessed grapes to be transformed into life-bearing wine.

Harvest after harvest, the Omodos people pray to the Holy Cross, to bless their vineyards. Divine protection is an important mental support tool to the ambitious vine growers. The Church of the Holy Cross provides them with optimism and hope for facing every day struggles and their hard, but blessed wine-producing work.

These days there is a huge pilgrimage and festival taking place in the village. The hospitable residents are waiting for each visitor to receive the blessing of the Holy Cross and sip a glass of wine with them, cheering to good health.

Unfortunately this year was different, as the fair was cancelled due to the pandemic and subsequent safety measures. We, however, will celebrate the Holy Cross day at Omodos. Strictly following all decrees, as indicated by the Ministry of Health, while not giving up our festive spirits, we will offer a special menu at Playia restaurant, at our winery, Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades.

The inhabitants of Omodos have always been waiting for visitors to worship the Holy Cross and to honour the village with their presence, while sipping a glass of wine with the residents. We are waiting for you on Monday 14th at “Playia Restaurant” and on the terrace overlooking the green vineyards and Omodos, to celebrate our tradition safely.

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Honouring our heritage; continuing our tradition

Omodos is our homeland