Maratheftiko or Vamvakada is a rare red Cypriot variety that was rediscovered just a few decades ago. It is found in the whole area of Cyprus and mainly in the mountains of Paphos, Kyperounta and Pitsilia. In the last two areas, the name Vamvakada prevails, although the variety is identical. This exquisite variety was scattered in vineyards and was used only to improve the colour and body of the wines produced by Mavro variety. Maratheftiko has never been popular among old viticulturists because it did not produce large quantities of grapes. It is considered a female plant and in order to be able to produce grapes, it needs the help of other varieties, such as the Cypriot Spourtiko. The variety is very sensitive to mold, while its also prone to flower-falling, which also affects its productivity.


This variety was first recorded in 1893 by Mouillefert, under the name “Marathofiko”. Maratheftiko is covered by white fluff at the top of its shoots. The young leaves are coarse, green-brown in colour, while the larger leaves are dark green, with red veins at the ends. The Maratheftiko bunch is medium-sized, compact with usually small, shiny, black grapes that are juicy and ripe in early September. It is considered a superior quality variety which gives a very concentrated wine, very intensely coloured and with a rich body and soft tannins with a special, slightly fruity aroma of cherries and raspberries. It has excellent maturation capabilities in oak barrels, as well as in the bottle.

Food pairing

Red wines from Maratheftiko love complex flavours, which is why it pairs perfectly with slow-cooked game and grilled meats. Hare stew, slow cooked pork and beef steaks are just some of the dishes that would highlight Maratheftiko. On the other hand, it could be combined with earthy flavours, such as wild mushrooms or truffles that harmonise with its complex earthy character.


Preserving the images of the paternal land and history created, «Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades” created from its oldest vineyards, the dynamic and impessive Geroklima. A special wine, produced from the, also special, native variety Maratheftiko, which can impress even the most demanding palates.

Created by our privately-owned, fully controlled vineyards, this “difficult” variety was tamed, expressing to the fullest the identity of the terroir it grows in.

After selected sorting, it was fermented to dryness. Geroklima “calmed down” in new oak barrels and matured as much as for its strong edges to smooth out. After several months of aging, under constant care, its tannins became rounder, while its intensely fruity flavours balance perfectly with the sweet notes gained by the oak and its contact with oxygen.

It has a dark purple colour with youthful blue highlights. On the nose, it presents a bouquet of strong aromas reminiscent of black fruit and cherries, combined with spicy notes of black pepper and flowers. Its balanced mouth and strong body, with its soft tannins, offers a long aftertaste without losing its flavours.

It pairs well with all red meats, but also with traditional dishes/meze of cold cuts.

It is served at temperatures of 15-18ºC, either immediately or after longer aging in the bottle, which gives it the opportunity to further highlight its potential.