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oikade < ancient Greek οἴκος + δε < towards the house/homeland

Oikade means return to the house, to the homeland.

As Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades we chose to name our new wine OÍKADE, as a tribute to the Cypriot land, to the return to the roots of local winemaking, to the return to our house. Created exclusively from the rare, indomitable and indigenous variety Yiannoudi, OÍKADE is a wine that highlights the unlimited potential of the Cypriot vineyard.

OÍKADE has an attractive dark and intense blue-black colour with crimson highlights, a full body and characteristic strong aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, berries and tobacco. In the mouth it presents flavours of black and red berries and ripe cherry with notes of pepper and vanilla – samples of its barrel aging – with a long aftertaste.

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Served at 18°C and pairs perfectly with beef fillet and game, as well as with mature cheese while it can be aged in the bottle.
*Contains Sulphites


Decanter 2021 – World Wine Awards | Bronze Medal – OÍKADE 2018

♦ 22nd Thessaloniki Wine & Spirits Competition | Bronze Medal – OÍKADE 2018

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