Following a 24-hour extraction process using the saigneé method, grapes of the international Shiraz variety create the “Rosé 2017”, fermented at temperatures ranging from 15-18ºC , under our constant care and supervision.

A wine characterized by a distinctive bright rose colour from where it takes its designated name. It has a rich aromatic expression with a sensuous fragrance. Initial contact with the taste buds is a stimulating experience which tickles the palate while revealing a complexity which strikes a fine balance between the astringency of its tannins and acidic texture.

Its pleasant and distinctive scent has a tendency to linger on while it sharpens and revitalises the senses long after the wine’s consumption.

It blends harmoniously and may be served with oily fish and poultry with white sauce, although it may be equally as appealing without a food accompaniment.

Ιt is recommended that it be served at a temperature of 10ºC, within two years.

11th Cyprus Wine Competition 2018 / Gold Medal