Wine is a drink that accompanies both our winter and our summer months. Despite being mostly subjective, there are some wine choices that better fit colder months and others that are clearly preferred during the warmer ones. Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades offers seven wines that hide the aromas and tastes of Cypriot summer and the Mediterranean land. Fruit, herbs, blossom notes, metallicity and freshness, are just a few characteristics of the wines found in our cellar.

Premium Chardonnay

Reflecting the quintessence of the viticultural adaptation of this famous variety on the sunny slopes of Omodos, the exuberant, bright and “purebred” Premium Chardonnay of Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades, has a dynamic, international claiming presence. Its expressive aftertaste, with a touch of minerality, blends ideally with the fatty fish of the Mediterranean. It is served at 11˚C and keeps well for many years in the cellar.

Premium Xinisteri

Fully expressing the terroir of Omodos, this collectible Xinisteri of limited production is produced from the oldest vineyard of grandfather Vassiliades, the pride of the whole estate. Reserve Xinisteri offers an incredible gastronomic experience when accompanied by creamy dishes with mushrooms, game birds, such as pigeons, but also fatty seafood, such as scallops. It should have its time in the cellar, in a supine position at 10-12˚C, in order to age to an even more complex form.

Pente Litharia

Dry and aromatic, Pente Litharia is the flagship of Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades’ white wines. It is named after the homonymous vineyard area of Omodos, where it thrives. Its elegant aromas of exotic fruit and citrus, with soft notes of white flowers make it ideal for the warmer summer days and nights. It maintains a delicate balance in the mouth between a dynamic body and a velvety texture, with a long and intense aftertaste. It is better served at 9˚C, next to fresh seafood meze.

Playia White Dry

White Playia is a special blend based on Xinisteri and Malaga varieties. It has a bright, clear golden-yellow colour with slightly green shades. It presents a complex and intense bouquet, which is characterised by the aromas and flavours of white flowers, lemon zest and exotic fruit. It harmoniously accompanies seafood delicacies and dishes with aromatic herbs, but it worthily stands alone. It is better served within two years of production, at a temperature of 8-10ºC.


Elegant and fragrant Rodambelo draws its name from its intense, bright pink colour. It is created from the privately owned vineyards of Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades, drawing its coolness and freshness from the altitude and the charismatic elements of Omodos’ terroir. Rodambelo is the result of mixing international variety Shiraz and the native variety Maratheftiko. It has an aromatic expression of strawberry, cherry and rose petals. Served at 9˚C, it is harmoniously combined with seasonal salads, poultry and oily dishes. It is, nonetheless, an ideal aperitif enjoyed on its own.

Playia Rosé Dry

Elegant and bright, Playia Rosé Dry was created from the native varieties Xinisteri and Maratheftiko. It has a fine, light pink colour and tender tannins in the mouth; a result of Maratheftiko. It smells of delicate aromas of stone fruit, mainly peach, with notes of white flowers and candy; an asset gained from Xinisteri. Served at 8˚C, it’s ideal for colourful salads, pasta, pizzas and fresh seafood.


In the poetry of Angelos Sikelianos, “thalero” translates to youthful, vigorous, and full of life; words that perfectly describe the sensation given by our white, semi-sweet Thalero. This sweet wine is a fine blend, created by two white and aromatic grapes, Xinisteri and Malaga. It is served at 10˚C, as a wonderful aperitif, while it is harmoniously combined with spicy dishes. It can also be served as dessert wine, providing an unforgettable closure to your dinner.