‘Wine is a spirit with personality. It brings people together and has always been associated with celebrations and special occasions’, sommelier Fani Kolakis stresses; and we couldn’t agree more. Wine has always been the most faithful companion of special occasions, celebrations, anniversaries, and of all those other moments we want to show our love, gratitude and interest.

Having said these, and with the most romantic day of the year approaching, wines could not possibly be absent from creating a beautiful setting and a special dinner. Wine and romance have always been an inseparable combination; choosing the right wine will elevate the experience of a perfect dinner. Whichever way you choose to express your love, the red wines of “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades” winery will justify your effort!

Created from its oldest vineyards, the dynamic and imposing ‘Geroklima’ is a special wine produced from the indigenous ‘Maratheftiko’ variety. It can impress even the most demanding palates. With a dark crimson colour and youthful blue highlights, its nose features a bouquet of strong aromas reminiscent of black fruit and cherry, in combination with spicy notes of black pepper and flowers. With a balanced mouth and strong body with soft tannins, it offers a long aftertaste without losing its flavour. Everything you need for a red meat dinner.

Red Playia
Combining three explosive international varieties, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which matured in the special terroir of Omodos slopes, the deep crimson coloured ‘Playia’ gives a robust structure that is balanced by its round, velvety Merlot tannins. The nose features a whole palette of aromas, ranging from black fruit and spices to chocolate notes. They are all expressed in a rich and elegant extroversion, with a compact and harmonious taste and a persistent aftertaste. Ideal for red meat dishes and rich sauces.

A deep red coloured wine that exudes intense aromas of red fruit and black pepper. ‘Merlot’s’ ability to act as a balancer, in combination with the short period of contact with the French oak, yielded a well-balanced wine with velvety texture and soft tannins, while the full ‘Shiraz’ complemented this wine’s rich body with complete structure. It combines harmoniously with grilled meat and pasta with medium intensity sauce.

The perfect closure to any dinner. Don’t forget to accompany your dessert – chocolate tart, cake, chocolates, or anything that contains chocolate or caramel – with a glass of dessert wine. The traditional, and always promising, ‘Commandaria’ of ‘Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades’ winery is a dessert wine with envious aromas owing to its aging. It is reminiscent of dried fruit, honey and spices, justifying not only its legendary history, but also the fact that it has the oldest wine branding in the world.