Cypriot summer is nor restrained in the summer months, as September and October are often warmer than elsewhere. They, therefore, are equally ideal for enjoying white and rosé, as well as red wines. Whichever you choose, though, a delicious platter will certainly double the pleasure. Make your choice among the fine wine labels of Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades winery.

Pair whites Reserve Chardonnay, Reserve Xinisteri, Pente Litharia, Playia White Dry or Thalero, rosés Rodambelo or Playia Rosé Dry and reds Geroklima-Maratheftiko, Red Melody or Playia Cuvée Spéciale with a homemade wine platter, following our advice on how to create the ideal wine platters for every taste, and make your summer nights tastier and dreamier!

The most important ingredient of a wine platter is cheese, of course. You ideally have to offer a variety of cheese, in order to cover every taste possible, especially in case you entertain guests. There is, however, the opinion that one or two fine quality cheese are satisfactory enough, especially if one creates a romantic atmosphere for two! In any case – two or more people, two or more cheese varieties – we strongly suggest investing on quality and by all means avoiding quantity of poor quality.

If you’re going for taste variety, the rightest way to do it is to include one cheese from each cheese variety. Hard and semi-hard are better offered for red wine, whereas semi-soft and soft cheese are perfect partners for rosé and white wines. Choose a soft, such as creamy gorgonzola, blue cheese, goat’s cheese, brie or camembert, anthotyro or mozzarella, a buttery manouri cheese or gruyère out of the semi-soft collection, a semi-hard cheddar or our very own halloumi cheese, and a pecorino, parmesan or kefalotyri to include from the hard cheese section.

Nevertheless, a perfect wine platter is not limited down to only cheese. You do need accompanying flavours, such as breadsticks, fresh and dried fruits, olives, pickles, jams, honey or even a variety of cold cuts, for a more ‘heavy’ and filling platter. You can ‘go big’ by combining everything, but you can also be content with simpler combinations, without this having to mean that your wine platter will lack anything. Follow the list below for a wine platter masterclass and then choose, combine and create in any way you see fit!

Bread sticks and crackers
Once you start with a beautiful wooden plate or large cutting board as a serving base and add your cheese, add a variety of breadsticks and crackers. They pair perfectly with everything! Delicious gourmet (herb, basil, sun-dried tomatoes or olive flavoured) or even the more ‘humble’ (barley, with sesame or whole grain) breadsticks and crackers add a feeling of fullness and extra texture, which is necessary.

Fresh and dried fruit
On to our next section, there is no doubt about the wonderful pairing of cheese with the sweet taste of fruit – fresh and dried. We unreservedly recommend fresh apple, pear, grape, pineapple and nectarines, which are in season, as well as fresh and dried figs and dried dates.

When it comes to nuts, it is always better to serve them raw, in order to maintain their natural taste. They, too, blend harmoniously with cheese and fruit and add a little extra something on texture and taste. We, therefore, suggest, choosing between raw almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts or even the more elegant brazil nuts and macadamias.

Olives and/or pickles
Serve them fearlessly, in small quantities. Olives – with or without stone, black or green – and/or capers or small pickled cucumbers are more than appropriate and blend perfectly with white and rosé wines. If you feel ‘risky’ try stuffed olives, as well.

Jam and honey
Jams work well with cheese, but also with the breadsticks that are on your platter. Depending on your taste, you can choose savoury (chutney) or sweet jam – one or two flavours are more than enough – or, alternatively, offer honey. These ingredients are, however, completely optional.

Cold cuts
A platter can be just as filling, for the eye and the stomach, without meat on it. But if you are a devoted meat eater, then you should definitely go for a variety of cold cuts. Your ideal optionsfor red and white wines are salami, aged ham, Iberian prosciutto, Cypriot lountza and smoked pastrami. If you’re going for a rosé wine, then you should avoid high fat cold cuts and smoked meats with strong aromas of spices.

Keeping the above in mind, act accordingly and prepare the ideal wine platter for yourself and the circumstances! Impress with your choices and your gourmet knowledge and enjoy moments of daily luxury, always accompanied by the fine wines of the Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades.