Xinisteri is one of the most characteristic indigenous varieties of Cyprus and the most cultivated. It is a white, versatile variety that can be combined with other varieties and produces fine white wines. It produces very light-coloured wine, with low levels of alcohol and low acidity, especially when exported from the areas of Akamas’ Laona, Ampelitis, Vouni Panayias and Pitsilia and in some areas of the “Krasochoria” (wine villages). Because the fruit of this variety does not have a strong aroma, fermentation takes place at a low temperature, during the winemaking process, a technique that adds extra aroma to the wine.


The name first appeared in 1893, by French professor Mouillefert, who provided a complete description of the variety and information about its cultivation. The variety is also known as “Local Wine” or “Cyprus’ White” (Vlachos 1986) and its fruit can be used as edible grapes. Xinisteri thrives on dry ground and appears to be much more resistant to mold, compared to Mavro. It is used for the production of Commandaria (in combination with Mavro) and other sweet and dry white wines. Its grapes begin to ripen in early September. Xinisteri is distinguished by the top of its shoots that are slightly fluffy and light green in colour. The leaves have five lobes and the shape of the grapes is oval.

Food pairing

It is harmoniously combined with fresh fish and seafood, but it can be consumed as easily on its own. It is better served at temperatures of 8-10ºC, within two years of its production.

Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades produced Xinisteri 2017, a wine with a bright, light golden yellow colour, with green highlights, which emits elegant aromas of exotic fruit and citrus, with notes of white flowers. Its balance in the mouth comes from its dynamic body, which blends perfectly with its acidity and velvety texture. It has a long and expressive aftertaste.